Photo Gallery: Fall 2016 Overnight at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology in Erie, PA

The first adventure of the very first cohort of Global Citizen Scholars. We spent a weekend at Erie Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology in Linesville, PA. We discussed diversification, pluralism, collective impact, and the powerful words of Eboo Patel, activist. During this overnight, we certainly got a feel of the everlasting impact that we will have on the refugee crisis in America from a collegiate perspective.

dsc_7047ii.jpgNoah & Troy heading off on an adventuredsc_7063ii.jpgEmily, Troy, & Daniel reading Eboo Patel’s Sacred Grounddsc_7054ii.jpgEmily, Erblin, & Noah discussing Patel’s words
14910516_10209247624839949_768942138785130885_n.jpglotus realnessdsc_7105ii.jpgGreatest part of my college careerdsc_7072ii.jpgEladio, Sharrell, & I defending our casedsc_7035ii.jpg

All smiles and big hearts


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