Photo Gallery: Fall 2016 Visit to the Vive La Casa Refugee Center in Buffalo, NY

“During the weekend of November 4th of [2016], I, along with the rest of my Global Citizen Scholars cohort, visited Vive la Casa in Buffalo, NY, the largest shelter for asylum-seekers on the US/Canadian border. At first, I didn’t feel that welcomed by those at the shelter, and overall I felt downright outside my comfort zone. However, I decided to make the first move and I just started talking…” [read full article at: Doors Are Meant To Let Others In, Not To Keep Them Out]


Merryn, Asia, Cristin, Emily, & I taking awaydsc_7850ii.jpg

Erin made us a delightful chilidsc_7868ii.jpg


Vive La Casa is working us to the bone!dsc_7904ii.jpg

Last Night in Buffalo and of course we’re chowing down on some atomic wings!!!img_7714.jpg

we like our food 🙂dsc_7798ii.jpg



Laura casually speaking a foreign language, being my role model and alldsc_7881ii.jpg


Although Emily is the collegiate basketball player here, Danny put up a damn good fight



Asia and Cristin working their tooshies off 😛


Signing into Vive and making our mark


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