Photo Gallery: Summer 2017 the Legacy of Italian Fashion in all of Italy

The following 67 photos are of a collection that I created while being in Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Amelia, Titignano, Verona, Terni, and Pompeii. Most of them do not pertain to my studies of Italian fashion. However, if you would like to read my article on that subject, it will be posted soon. If you would like to know of my adventures and learnings, please feel free to take a gander.

AD45270B-DDDA-4421-AE8B-7B0349538BD4Amelia // ciliegie 🍒IMG_0266Amelia // Wine tastingIMG_9856Amelia // To commemorate the end of Pride Month, Germany has legalized marriage equality. Slay.IMG_9904Amelia // Chocolate fig making and perfect candidsIMG_0233Amelia // Emma had the cutest little cheeks :p

IMG_9911Terni // the Bomarzo Gardens // Hercules removing an Earthy GodIMG_0021Terni // the Bomarzo Gardens // denim & laceIMG_0066Terni // the Bomarzo Gardens // Here, I’m inspired by Valentino’s Red 2013 autumn/winter ad campaign captured by Tim Walker, Salvador Dalí’s 1948 short film on the Parco dei Mostri, Vogue Japan’s 2014 spring/summer issue showcasing Eleonora Bruno’s aesthetic and Magdalena Frackowiak’s Polish beauty, obviously Rihanna’s denim look, and finally Emile Mondevarious… the reclusive owner of Spooky Island.IMG_0126Terni // The TALLEST and MOST MAGICAL man-made waterfall in all the lands. Created by some old friends of mine, the ancient RomansIMG_0135Terni // the Cascate delle Marmore nella Valnerina TernanaIMG_9879Amelia // The Duomo of Amelia // If you look closely, the fresco is missing pieces here & there. Earthquakes in the past have frequently damaged the work. Goes to show how beautiful something can be even with a few chips. What? too Belle?IMG_9845Amelia // basta!!IMG_0248Amelia // The last night in Amelia looking like Colton Haynes next to a silk goddess.IMG_0147Terni // the Cascate delle Marmore nella Valnerina TernanaIMG_0157Terni // We ran a decathlon for the team of Amatori Podistica (Running Lovers) and I got a 43:50 (7 minute pace)IMG_9521Roma // This picture was taken at the Villa Farnesina. Read my article on the villa at I Spoke to the Ghost of Agostino the Magnifico.IMG_9338Roma // This is the Roman Forum, which at the time of its creation was the place of public life such as market houses, public speeches, and electoral processions.IMG_9486Roma // The Borghese Garden FrescoIMG_9586Roma // The Trevi Fountain // I had an Italian romance with this boy, read about it at How to Love an Italian Man in Two Days.IMG_9366Roma // I was intrigued by all of the fresh fruit being sold on the streets, especially this al pezzo (coconut) machine. It was only 1 euro, so I was like “pourquoi pas?”IMG_9303Roma // The first adventure in Italy was hiking up this downtown Roman vista.IMG_9327Roma // This is Capitoline Hill, which was originally dedicated to the Roman god Saturn, often associated with time, responsibilities, plenty, discipline, and structure. The three key architectural features here are the depictions of kings, emperors, and senators.IMG_9474Roma // This clam pasta from Spaghetti Eddie’s Cucina Italiana was yum-yum. It was my first adventure alone in the city, and it was also the best meal I had over the course of the trip.IMG_1053Roma // The streets of Roma were awe-inspiring, and I have been dreaming of a moment as pure as this. I truly felt my Sagittarius fantasies. The brick and sky are full of color and life.IMG_9570Roma // My look is inspired by 60s Yves Saint Laurent crossed with contemporary Sasha Velour. Abigail’s look is reading as 50s Christine Dior. Ps If you can’t color-block, you can’t fashion.IMG_9485Roma // This is the famous Apollo & Daphne at the Borghese Gardens. Her body transforms into leaves and bark,  and it is much more magical in person. The Borghese Gardens are a must-see.IMG_9488Roma // This picture is taken at the Borghese Gardens next to a statue of Hercules with the Lion hide. Xiaoyu and Elena are two of my closest friends who made the trip absolutely everything I wanted it to be.IMG_0890Roma // My first selfie in a ‘foreign’ country.IMG_9445Roma // This is the Basilica of Santa Maria, which was the first basilica I saw. I would say it is my third favorite Italian fresco. It looks as if it’s dripping in gold.IMG_9420Roma // This is the fresco painted in the Santa Sabina, which is my second favorite Italian fresco of all time. It is full of soft colors and pure gold. This church was also the place where my great-great-great-great-grandparents Lucia & Antonio tied the knot. These were the ancestors that emigrated to the Americas in 1902 (Antonio) and 1907 (Lucia). They were married only a few years before Antonio left to build a foundation in Boston, MA. It most certainly must have been hard to be separated for that long, and I am incredibly proud of and humbled by my heritage.IMG_9386Roma // This panorama showcases the rose gardens adjacent to the Roman Forum. At the time I went (May), the gardens were on display for a competition to see who grew the most beautiful rose. The Roseto Comunale is home to 1,200 different varieties of rose.IMG_9361Roma // “I’m at the Colosseum and I call ’em as I see ’em” // The Colosseum is often associated with gladiator combats, but what I did not know is that the structure also use to hold renditions of Classical mythology. The stage crew was actually underneath the stadium and would pass the needed props and costumes through the floor boards, upward.IMG_0454Venice is sinkingIMG_0693Lorenzo Quinn’s work ‘Support’ symbolizing the inevitable submersion of Venice // Need I remind you, the US was recently pulled from the Paris Climate Accord. As a US citizen and an Italian descendant, I believe it is necessary to keep in mind all consequences when making such an impactful decision. Please, let’s try to save this world.IMG_0687Venice // Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo // The history of perfume makingIMG_0685Venice // Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo // I had the pleasure of visiting the house of the aristocratic family the Mocenigos. The museo showcased rich fashion embellished with embroidery, lace, & silk. Fun fact: during the 17th century, men’s fashion began to abandon 16th century militaristic aesthetic and began to adopt feminine qualities (embroidery, bright colors, copious lacework, & puffy sleeves). In a sense, this may have very well been one of the first steps toward our generation’s androgynous style.IMG_0686Venice // Museo di Palazzo MocenigoIMG_5998Venice // We’re wannabe modelsIMG_0466Venice // the canalsIMG_0671Venice // I’m wearing a homemade-watercolored, shoulder-padded jacket while Jasmine is wearing a beautiful Bershka collectable.IMG_0946Venice // Asian coutureIMG_0537Venice // We are serving Venetian and Neapolitan fashion realness. Our Venetian masks are a total traveler identifier, but at least we look favoloso. Our Neapolitan cornicellos (pepper earrings) are protecting us from the malocchio (evil eye).Processed with VSCO with m5 presetVeniceIMG_0296Florence // Michelangelo’s the David // Galleria della Academia // Nude vs Naked & contrapposto realnessIMG_0333Florence // the Birth of Venus // Galleria degli Uffizi // Alessandro Filipepi // my second favorite in the UffiziIMG_0285Florence // Bernardo Daddi’s Royalty & RichesIMG_0336Florence // Signorelli’s Comic of Mary’s Life featuring beautiful line work of court gesture ensembles20031670_10211590505050490_2898464388902202843_nFlorence // Italian Renaissance painter Piero di Cosimo’s 1510s “Perseus Freeing Andromeda from the Kraken” // I enjoyed the Uffizi Gallery quite a bit; do not get me wrong. However, after awhile, seeing a repetition of the same Madonna with Child, the same Coronation & Annunciation of Mary, and the same Jesus Christ & the Ultimate Sacrifice was tiring. I was like ‘bruh.’ Works like Cosimo’s Perseus, Masolino’s Madonna of Humility, Filipepi’s Birth of Venus, and Signorelli’s Comic of Mary’s Life on the other hand were like breaths of fresh air.IMG_0282Florence // The LinguistIMG_0346Florence // the Galileo Museo // the sun dialIMG_0348Florence // the Galileo Museo // Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius RisingIMG_0281Florence // The AstrologerIMG_9763Titignano, Umbria // We stayed at the Agriturismo Hotel, which was right on a vineyard.IMG_0386Verona // the Great Verona Scavenger Hunt //Xiaoyu: “I so happy I touch her boob” lol girl, me tooIMG_0387Verona // the Great Verona Scavenger Hunt // Letters to JulietteIMG_9609Naples // Alice In Wonderland ballet // box seatsIMG_9606Naples // Alice In Wonderland ballet // I left during intermission because I thought the costume production was poor. It was Alice for Pete’s sake, make it over-the-top. The casting of Alice and the introduction were also poor and did not catch my attention. The only salvation I found was the orchestra.IMG_9735Naples // The Neapolitan underground tunnels // The Neapolitan underground city was utilized as a bomb shelter during WWII, as a water reservoir by the Ancient Greeks, and as a geothermal shelter during the eruption of Mount VesuviusIMG_9733Naples // We went excavating down in the Neapolitan underground tunnels and discovered this authentic sewing machine from WWII.IMG_9730Naples // We model sunglasses like Aureta from W Magazine.IMG_9738Naples // Neapolitan tunnel aesthetic, pretty radIMG_9602Naples // My look was inspired by 70s pink lady.IMG_9651Pompeii // YAHTZEEIMG_9655Pompeii // Fun fact: a phallus was a symbol of ‘bon chance’ and was used as a welcoming symbol into brothelsIMG_9809Pompeii // The ‘Centuro’ created by Igor MitorajIMG_9701Pompeii // Mt. Vesuvius // I wanted to push her in 😉IMG_9646Pompeii // Mt. Vesuvius // excavations of corpsesIMG_9636Pompeii // Mt. VesuviusIMG_9693Pompeii // Mt. Vesuvius // I bought a bottle of Lacrima Christ Del Vesuvio. The bottle itself was made of glittery Veruvian ash. Apparently, the wine itself is the closest wine that is similar to what ancient Romans use to drink.


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